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Your Questions ... Answered

Why did you go public?

First off, this is NOT a divorce case. This is NOT an issue between a husband and wife, trying to find a resolution. This is all related to what has transpired afterwards.

I firmly believe in trying to resolve matters privately. And this is exactly what I tried to do for YEARS. I knocked on door after door … imams, shuyūkh, community leaders, organizations, local, national, and the list goes on.

I tried to move on with my life, yet Dunia’s slander and lies kept spreading in the community. And this had a direct, tangible, and material impact on my life. First, with her trying to sabotage my attempt to get married. Second, with my wife being inundated with gossip she kept hearing upon moving into the community. In the months afterwards, multiple sisters that she met would question her, “is he abusing you at all?” To which she would reply, “of course not, he’s been so good to me.” Their response: “well, maybe you just don’t realize it yet.”

This is the effects of the poison that became cancerous. This is the power of someone deemed as religious, sincere, and influential … FALSELY claiming to be a victim. With such levels of performative piety, why would anyone not believe her?!

Hence the reason why I was left cornered and without any option. I truly hoped that within 24 hours of releasing the first video, leaders would intervene and I would be able to finally get the help needed to address this issue affecting every aspect of me and my family’s life.

3 weeks in and nothing but a deafening SILENCE. Is this what we’ve come to expect from our leaders? Is this the kind of response we’d like when in dire need? Is this the future and precedence we want to set for our children?

The "4 Year" Relationship

The purpose of highlighting a multi-year relationship was to counter the narrative that Dunia had cast out there … one where she claims she just got married and somehow shockingly found out that I (allegedly) had mental/psychological issues and was a physically/emotionally/financially abusive person.

“Relationship” is not equated with “dating” and this began with assisting her on a project related to feeding and providing for orphans overseas. In the upcoming years, we would discuss and collaborate on many other Islamic projects, while also trying to get married.

For the internet that has run wild with assumptions, presumptions, accusations, impressions, conclusions, etc … I was in contact with Dunia’s family for many years prior to getting married.

"There are TWO sides of the story!"

Absolutely! I 100% agree! And this is why I always asked the shuyūkh and imams to engage her in trying to resolve this. This is why when I sent an email to a long list of leaders, I included Dunia in the email … for transparency and to allow her to have the opportunity to reply.

I stand by my words and have made it very clear that I am willing to challenge anyone, including the shuyūkh I have mentioned in my videos, in front of a public forum. You will not find inconsistencies in all the testimonies, accounts, and evidences I have presented.

In addition, it should be noted … if there were lies, fabrications, and “made-up” accounts of any events, this would be setting myself up for:
1) a grave punishment with Allāh
2) a walk-in-the-park lawsuit
3) public humiliation

There’s a reason why all the mentioned parties are silent. There’s a reason why they will not speak up publicly and refute what I have documented. There’s a reason why not a single person has approached me directly. There’s a reason why some of these shuyūkh have resorted to having “backdoor conversations” and slandering me, in an attempt to discredit me and paint me as an “untrustworthy” person.

I’m always available … set a date/time to meet at the masjid, and invite the whole community. Bismillāh!

Who is behind the swatting attack?

First off, I have NOT specifically named anyone as the responsible party of the swatting attack, or even the second attempt for swatting (via the bomb threat). The call was made to the police the very next day after I began to spread a website I published regarding all the wrongdoings and harmful actions that Dunia had partaken in.

I believe this was a retaliation. My entire life I have never created enemies, had any criminal history, or been on the receiving end of any attacks, harassment, or identity fraud to this extent. Even with respect to all the credit cards that were opened in my name within days of publishing the website, who would have had my SSN and personal information needed to pass the security questions?

Why don't you just move on?

I tried to move on. Unfortunately the continuation of slander in the community did not cease. There is a massive difference when just an average Abdullah or Aisha in the community is spreading lies about their ex-spouse vs a woman, who is perceived as a highly religious and trustworthy person, is (falsely) portraying themselves as a victim of so many facets of abuse.

Even when she found out I was about to get married, she tried to sabotage my marriage by spreading egregious lies and slander through one of her friends, Nahela Morales, also a community leader (as documented in the video). How can one just “move on” when it is suffocating you from every angle and every corner within your community?

What do you expect from the imams and religious leaders?

Intervention! I never expected them to investigate the swatting attack or other criminal acts launched against me and my family … I left that to the authorities (multiple cases opened with the police and even reported to the FBI).

But what I did expect was leaders to respond to the countless details and evidences I had provided them of the harm that Dunia was causing through her lies and slander. Even the fact that she made baseless claims to multiple people about her ex-sister-in-law trying to run her over in the parking lot THREE different times. Her actions and words have caused a lot of damage and stress to multiple people in the community.

If it was an imam or shaykh that had engaged in such egregious behavior and a woman came crying, with such levels of evidences, would they have just shut the door? It has been over 2 weeks and the leadership here in America remains SILENT!

What's going on with the Valley Ranch Islamic Center?

The case with my local masjid, VRIC, is a very simple one. The shuyūkh (Yaser Birjas and Omar Suleiman) claim that they had spoken with the Irving police on the day of the swatting attack and that the police told them: the call originated from Salman’s home.

The police have stated that, not only did the call not come my own home, but that there is NO record of anyone at the police department having spoken to the imams or the masjid.

Despite there being NO open investigation at this time with the police department regarding the event and NO confidentiality requirement, Shaykh Yaser Birjas and VRIC refuse to cooperate and disclose who they spoke with at the Irving police department.

The matter is quite simple: SOMEONE IS LYING!

I’ve had to suffer feeling anxiety and a sense of humiliation every time I go to the masjid for the past 7+ months, knowing that my name and picture was circulated across the entire security team (and likely others) with me being noted as a possible threat and possibly having mental issues. Even individuals that have been seen in my company at the masjid have later been advised to be cautious around me. As a paid member of the masjid, I’ve called for an immediate investigation, yet no response and no cooperation to do so.

I do want to make something very clear. I have nothing personal against anyone at the masjid, especially the board. I’m very appreciate of the hard work they put in towards making this community grow and thrive. I am simply asking, as appointed leaders of this community, that they investigate the serious concerns of a paid member who has had been negatively impacted for 7+ months due to false information that was secretly provided.

Why have you been banned from Qalam?

This is exactly what I would like to know and for Qalam to disclose to the public. I have NEVER bad-mouthed, insulted, or exhibited any form of disrespect to anyone at Qalam. I have never created any type of ruckus or scene on or off campus with Qalam.

The only thing I am “guilty” of … speaking the truth regarding the gross negligence of some of the instructors when I sought their help, which eventually resulted in them blocking/ignoring me and continuing to do programs with Dunia.

Apparently, voicing your concern and highlighting their negligence is grounds to getting you banned. No courtesy call or request for meeting to discuss the concerns I have voiced … just a flat out BAN!

Their vision statement: “We envision a community that thrives off of accessible Islamic knowledge and the practical use of education to raise a community of leaders and activists who are well-equipped for the ever-changing socioeconomic and political scope.”

  1. No longer accessible
  2. They want to nurture leaders and activists that will engage and work towards the betterment of our society … unless you express your concerns or opinions in a manner that they deem as unfit or improper

"What about you?"

I’ll be the first to admit, I have many faults and many shortcomings. In no way do I perceive or believe myself to be better than anyone else … not even Dunia. Only Allāh knows our true standing and what we have amassed in our scales. In hindsight, if I could go back in time, there are many things I would change (about myself) … that is a part of learning through the trials/tribulations/adversities/challenges we go through and an integral part of our growth in life.

I have never tried to harm Dunia and, to the contrary, always tried to help her and support her … even after our marriage. I began approaching shuyūkh privately once I realized the gravity and effect of the slander that she was casting about me. With each passing month, we began hearing more and more and realizing how these lies were spreading like wildfire within our communities and even within organizations. With every door being shut repeatedly, I was left with no option but to clear my name from such absurd lies in the public court of opinion.

Are you married?

Alhamdulillah, yes. I am happily married and looking forward to the day this can be put behind us and I can focus on my family. I am truly grateful for the unwavering support of my wife and her patience through all these challenges and hardships. She has been the first to keep reminding me of the importance on putting my trust in Allāh, while seeking accountability and fighting against the corruption/negligence of people in positions of leadership, power, and fame.