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The Truth About Dunia Shuaib
& Religious Leaders

In a chain of events that have left communities shocked, learn the truth about the evil behind the veil. Dunia's ex-husband speaks about the attempts on his life, the lies, the slander, and the repetitive attempts to character assassinate and silence him. Despite the threats and danger slated against him, his children, and his families ... imāms, leaders, and organizations have chosen to ignore it all. The time has come to speak up, and to speak the TRUTH! It is high time we put an end to the hypocrisy, injustice, negligence, and harm stemming from leaders in our communities.


The Truth About Dunia Shuaib
& Religious Leaders

A followup to "The Truth About Dunia Shuaib & Religious Leaders"


Omar Suleiman & Slander

In an effort to defend himself, his name, and his image, Omar Suleiman begins to slander Salman behind closed doors. In what appears to be a classic strategy of deflection, he attempts to undermine the credibility of Salman, all whilst he remains completely silent regarding Dunia ... a radical departure from his vocal nature in the past against leaders engaging in egregious behavior.


Valley Ranch Islamic Center INVESTIGATION

Salman demands answers from the Valley Ranch Islamic Center after being falsely and secretly labeled as a possible threat by the security team. Both Yaser Birjas and Omar Suleiman have made claims that they were informed by the police that the call initiating the swatting attack ... came from his own home. THE POLICE ... HAVE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY!

PLEASE email VRIC demanding an investigation!

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BANNED from Qalam Institute

Salman has been officially banned from one of the largest Islamic educational institutions, right here in Dallas, Qalam Institute. After pleading for help from multiple instructors at Qalam Institute (Dunia's own teachers), first they turned their backs on him, and then came the ban ... just another attempt to isolate and silence him. Find out WHY!!


Secret Marriage, Deception, and Hypocrisy
Yaser Birjas & Omar Suleiman

This video was scheduled to be released over the weekend, but was postponed due to the possibility of meeting to address my concerns. Unfortunately, that door has been closed again. Here are the series of events that have taken place.

1. Post-Swatting (days after February 3rd attack) — Approached Yaser Birjas to which he acknowledged speaking to the police but refused to disclose any information ... in addition, saying “I will have nothing to do with this and I will not take any blame.”

2. June 26th — Met with Yaser Birjas to address the claim of the police saying the call originated from my house. Once again, he would not disclose who he spoke with at the police department.

3. September 10th — Received response back from VRIC Board of Directors regarding the request for information on who they spoke with at the police department and what exactly was conveyed to the VRIC security team. In essence, they refused to disclose any information and recommended to speak directly to the police. I did in fact speak with the police and they have no record of speaking to the imam or anyone from the masjid. They also never made any claim of the swatting call coming from my own home.

4. October 1st — Met with a brother, also a friend of mine, who is connected with the shuyūkh. He tried to arrange for a meeting to discuss this privately with Yaser and some masjid personnel involved with the matter. They cancelled on meeting with me due to my refusal to their "conditions" of providing me additional info related to my case. The condition was that I no longer mention Yaser in the public. It was also relayed that if they are providing me information, I should also agree to give/do something in return. I made it very clear that this is not a conditional meeting. After being wronged for 8 months now, having to deal with anxiety and humiliation every time I go to the masjid, it is my RIGHT (not privilege) to know where this false information about me originated and spread in the community. This is not a negotiation and to provide immunity from wrongdoings that one has been engaged in and issues that need to be addressed as a community.


It's Time We SPEAK UP

Salman provides updates on the situation with his case involving the Valley Ranch Islamic Center, Yaser Birjas, and Dunia Shuaib. In addition. he provides a preview to forthcoming cases that will highlight the deception and harm by leaders and the refusal for any form of accountability.


Abu Ayah [Yaqeen Employee]
Breaks His Silence

Abu Ayah describes his heartbreaking journey through divorce and the excruciating pain of being separated from his daughters.

The Ummah consists of millions of families, and every family consists of a strong father guiding his family to what God commands and to that which He loves. Without the presence of a strong father, our Ummah will continue to decline, will become weak, and the next generation will be lost, void of guidance.

Abu Ayah - and hundreds of thousands of fathers like him - have been wronged by twisted Imams who twist the religion. Children must be protected, yet no one is raising the alarm.

God will never give victory to a people that oppress their weak and try to change our religion. It's time we call out the wrongdoers, and it's time we give victory to those who have been wronged.


Dr. Abdullah: The Disturbing Truth
About Yaser Birjas & VRIC's Complicity

Dr. Abdullah shares his disturbing experiences with Yaser Birjas and Valley Ranch Islamic Center (VRIC) in this eye-opening testimony. He accuses Birjas of acting recklessly and incompetently, which destroyed their family and caused trauma for their kids. Resolution attempts were made, but VRIC and Birjas refused to respond.

He continues his criticism of Birjas's counseling services, for being unprofessional and unempathetic, and how Birjas makes unfounded and dangerous recommendations to the court that could be detrimental, especially when it comes to child custody.

Dr. Abdullah calls for action to stop additional harm, highlighting the dangers of entrusting untrained counselors and the importance of community responsibility as a whole.