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Dunia FALSELY accused me in court of having committed adultery in our marriage.

  1. This is such an egregious, disgusting, and shocking accusation and lie. She was so desperate to fabricate something to justify grounds of divorce in court. This was not even in her initial divorce filing and was something she added in a revised filing weeks later.
  2. When my lawyer asked her about this new allegation, Dunia had multiple long pauses in responding. When he continued to press her on this allegation of hers, eventually her lawyer objected to the questioning.
  3. By the One in Whose Hands is my soul, Dunia knows this is a complete and hideous lie that SHE KNOWS is ENTIRELY FABRICATED.

Read what Allāh says in the Qur’ān about those who FALSELY ACCUSE one of adultery.

Link: Surah An-Nūr

[Document] Initial Court Filing

[Document] Revised Court Filing (over 3 weeks later)

[Audio] Dunia being questioned about her allegation/accusation/claim UNDER OATH:

[Audio] Dunia being put on the spot about her FALSE ACCUSATION and she simply tries to end the call:


Dunia submitted a FAKE marriage contract to the court and made claims we were “spiritually” married in the beginning of 2016. This is an absolutely ridiculous lie and she knows we were not married until 2019. I hope she can provide an explanation to this absurdity to Mufti Kamani, who did our actual nikkah in May of 2019. This fake document even had the names of her brother and father as witnesses, and a prominent imam here in Dallas. 🤯

Note to Dunia: You didn’t even have your divorce initiated verbally with your previous husband until January of 2016. WHY would you fabricate such egregious lies about being married to me at that time? Oh that’s right, because you were trying to construct and orchestrate a master plan to legally attack me and make me look evil … all while believing this would stay concealed and no one would ever come to know of your lies upon lies. I am still trying to understand the absurdity of your claims and I’m sure your family and friends would be intrigued to hear it as well.

[Audio] Dunia talking about the fake marriage contract she submitted to the court:


In an effort to get money from me, she made a series of false claims to try and cast herself who was financially deprived and did not have any money.

[Audio] Dunia being questioned on her claims of me not spending money on her:

She obviously did not want to disclose to anyone the 10s of thousands I spent on traveling with her and buying her things. I would not normally disclose these, but feel it is necessary to destroy her false claims.

Trips I’ve taken her on, paying for flights, hotels, car rentals, and all expenses:

  1. Makkah
  2. Madinah
  3. Palestine
  4. Spain
  5. France
  6. Switzerland
  7. Colorado x 4 (including 1 with her parents)
  8. California x 2
  9. Seattle x 3
  10. Cancun, Mexico x 2
  11. Vancouver B.C.
  12. New York
  13. Florida
  14. Chicago
  15. Oregon
  16. Minneapolis

Technology I’ve bought for her:

  1. MacBook
  2. MacBook Air
  3. Mac Mini (after divorce)
  4. 34” Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (after divorce)
  5. Professional Studio Mic (after divorce)
  6. iPad Pro x 2
  7. iPhone x 3 (1 after divorce)
  8. Apple Watch x 4 (1 after divorce)
  9. Studio Equipment (including professional cameras, lighting, microphone, and teleprompter)

[Audio] Dunia lying under oath about payments on her Lexus:

This is the same Lexus her brother leased for her as a gift/surprise. There were NO payments she made on the car.

Another proof of her referenced lies, where she claims to pay “$120 or $99 a month” … it’s $29/month. This is just another example of her countless lies and exaggerations to fit into her delusional narrative of being financially abused/strained.

[Audio] Dunia lying under oath about paying rent to her parents:

*Her brother was paying for the house her parents were leasing at the time. Though I’d love to hear her parent’s thoughts on this one … that, according to her, they charged her rent to live with them during our separation (parents with whom I had immense mutual respect all the way until their children forced them to block my number and not have any contact with me  … to shield them from finding out the TRUTH).


Dunia has made countless lies about about me in court, claiming that I was hacking all her accounts, that I was physically abusive, and that I was emotionally abusive. These false narratives are something she has continued to propagate to this very day. I heard this from multiple sources, including one of her own teachers (who seemed reluctant to tell me and then eventually cut off communication with me). Her claim on physical violence is based off of a DOCTORED and ALTERED recording that she knowingly submitted into the court for evidence. This is what she and her brother have shared with people in the community, trying to demonize me. The truth of the matter is, I never physically abused her in any way, shape, or form! Unfortunately, it fits the convenient and common narrative that all men are physically violent. To the contrary, on one occasion, she physically assaulted me … punching me, kicking me, and tearing my dress shirt & tie. The next day she was filled with regret and ended up ordering me 3 new dress shirts from Macy’s.

NOTE: Falsely using physical abuse to try and paint me as an aggressor is not the first time she has done this. When I first met her, this is exactly what she claimed about her first husband. Even when I went to some imams when she launched these lies against me, their response was, “you know, this is the same thing she said about her first husband.” She knew that there were no sound or justified grounds for divorce and, because she did not want to seek guidance, mediation, or counseling, she wanted to use this as a basis of getting a khula’.



Upon Dunia backing up her iPhone (prior to upgrading) to my computer, her audio recordings became mixed with mine. In trying to sort it out, I was shocked to find multiple private conversations with shuyūkh and community leaders that she secretly recorded.

One of her private recordings was with Imām Siraj Wahhaj (may Allāh protect and preserve him). She tells him, “Muslim men are disgusting” and about all these people trying to secretly marry her and about a new trend with imāms, where they are all secretly marrying in different states. She goes on telling him about all these girls coming up to her everywhere she travels and that they are talking about all these huge prominent shuyūkh that married them for a weekend and then wouldn’t answer their calls. “So for me, I have so many people telling me, do it, Sr. Dunia do it. You’re the only psychologist, marriage therapist, who also has Islamic studies, who can also read and write in Arabi and Qur’ān and do it, do it, do it.” She goes on to criticize other shuyūkh saying, “I went to Malaysia and I saw with my own eyes, what some of these people are doing coming from America, these huge names.”

In a conversation with another internationally-renowned and married shaykh, she brings up the topic of intimacy in a completely inappropriate discussion (while we were in the process of getting married). She mentions Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s “Like a Garment” course, how he mentions all these ridiculous things about intimacy … that it destroyed everything she learned from the Islamic world on marriage and that it goes against what any marriage therapist in the world would tell you. The shaykh plays in to the conversation as well, saying when he listened to it, he totally disagreed on that as well. She goes on to tell him that she is having a hard time finding someone because “I need someone that is mature.” This is all while we were in a relationship and working towards getting married. She even had the audacity to refer to me as this brother who spoke to her about the reasons for his previous divorce. She also mentions to him, regarding Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, “I actually sent him an email and I met with him. I was like, I took your course the first time, I took your course the second time, I took your course a third time. I was like I have so much respect for you, but guess what? I’m a certified therapist and I’m going to tell you what you’re teaching is wrong and please stop teaching that. I’m like, please don’t do that.”

[Audio] Private Conversation with Imam Siraj Wahhaj – Part I:

[Audio] Private Conversation with Imam Siraj Wahhaj – Part II:

[Audio] Private Conversation with Imam Siraj Wahhaj – Part III:

[Audio] Private Conversation with Shaykh Daood Butt:

  1. I hope this will serve as a wakeup call for shuyūkh who had inappropriate conversations with her. And I hope that spouses (both husbands and wives) will have a serious discussion on the protocol and adab of having conversations with the opposite gender (non-mahram) and whether those conversations should happen in private. Unfortunately, hearing some of these recordings was quite shocking, especially on the topic of intimacy with multiple shuyūkh.
  2. I have been witness to communication with multiple shuyūkh, while Dunia had them on speakerphone, and it is disheartening to see how these married men would speak to her (casual conversation, tone of voice, etc). With one prominent shaykh, he had a scheduled time to talk to her and he delayed it, waiting until his wife left to pickup the kids from school.
  3. I hope that for future personal conversations people have with Dunia, they will specifically seek confirmation from her that she is not recording them.

Dunia has continued to make false claims and impressions about being a certified therapist. This is an absolute lie and should be held accountable for lying to and midleading people.

[Video] Dunia Talking About Doing Marriage & Family Therapy:

“… especially, you know, doing marriage and family therapy, one of the things that I’ve seen most of my couples …”


For years during our marriage, Dunia would continue to demonize her sister-in-law, Baha, always casting her in a bad light. Almost 9 months after our divorce, she called me crying saying that her now ex-sister-in-law, Baha, came up to her a few days ago and called her an adultress in front of her friends and then tried to run her over in the parking lot — attempted murder! When I asked about when this happened, she said a few days ago at a “Qalam event.” I patiently listened to her fabricated story and afterwards contacted Baha to hear her side of the story. She had in fact recorded her interaction with Dunia … and it is clear that Dunia added pieces to the conversation … including the “zaniya” (adultress) comment.

I would eventually email her and call her out on her lies, as I was actually at the same Roots event. She called me back two days later and admitted she was referring to the Roots event. Despite that, in an effort to prove her lies, she called one of her friends and wanted me to listen in, in hopes she would prove it to me. She didn’t call either of the two friends that were supposedly with her in this alleged running over incident … instead she called another friend to relay what happened. I’ve included portions of our conversations, where she continues to spew lies.

[Audio] Adding to the Story Regarding a Different Runover Attempt:

Witnesses Mentioned: Fatuma, Karwana, Najah

[Audio] Invoking Hadith About Liars While Lying:

I’m not sure if there can be anything more sickening than speaking about the hadith of lying while clearly lying. Also, I hope she will provide the list of Qalam events that Baha had been coming to. When I asked Baha about this, she clearly stated she doesn’t go any of the Qalam events or halaqas. The only event she had been attending for years (prior to Dunia) was the Roots programs.

[Audio] Attempting to Appear as a Victim:

She makes claims to have anxiety in an effort to gain my sympathy. In addition, she blames a Qalam teacher for making her look evil.

[Audio] Claiming Her Ex-Sister-in-Law Was Trying to Pursue Her Other Married Brother, Samir:

[Audio] Calling Her Ex-Sister-in-Law *** Psycho:

[Audio] Calling Her Ex-Sister-in-Law *** Crazy:

My acknowledgment is of her telling me in the past that she doesn’t want anything to do with her.

[Audio] Calling Out Dunia on Changing Her Story:

[Audio] Dunia Telling Me to Go to Hell:

[Audio] Dunia Expanding on Her String of Lies:

Claims Made:

  1. One of her classmates (who was present when she was apparently almost run over) spoke with Mufti Kamani about it
  2. That same friend suggested filing a police report and that she would give a statement
  3. She called a non-emergency line and they said if she files it, that her ex-sister-in-law will not be able to go anywhere she is. She said she was going to talk to Mufti Kamani about this, because it would mean depriving someone of going to the masjid.

I hope Mufti Kamani will provide an update to these conversations (if they actually occurred).

[Audio] Dunia Conveying Lies to Her Friend While Having Me Listen:

  1. Mentions that Sana went and spoke to Mufti Kamani regarding this incident
  2. Reiterates the incident of where Baha allegedly tried to run her over in another incident (at MAS) with Fatuma and Najah as witnesses
  3. Elaborates on walking to her car with Sana & Dimple while Baha allegedly tried to run them over at Roots
  4. Makes another claim about an incident at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center post-Fajr

Despite all of these attempts on her life by trying to run her over (murder her), she has not filed a single police report. None of the shuyūkh, organization leaders, or property managers were informed about these events. WHY?!! I hope the aforementioned witnesses are willing to testify on these series of events.

[Audio] Audio of Baha’s Interaction with Dunia at Roots:

In all honesty, I do not think it was appropriate or necessary, despite whatever issues she might have had with Dunia. But if you listen closely, there is no mention of her saying Dunia is a “zaniya” … something Dunia has repeated multiple times as a part of the incident. That, in and of itself, is such a heavy accusation to attribute to someone. It doesn’t surprise me though, as she testified in court against me, saying that I committed zina in our marriage.


One of the courses that Dunia sold to people all around the world, to which I helped her with everything, was Secrets to Lasting Love. She marketed an entire curriculum with bonus videos. Unfortunately, after preselling this to so many people (and profiting thousand and thousands of dollars), she entirely abandoned filming these. As people became impatient requesting a status on when the upcoming videos were coming, she would continue claiming technical difficulties, along with other excuses, though she simply did not want to continue working on the content. She would begin discussing other courses she wanted to work on, to which I kept reminding her about the amanah (trust) of finishing the one she had already sold to people. She would dismiss this every time and would end up recording many other courses (both free and paid). This is a clear violation of trust and business ethics. I hope she will reach out to all the students that paid with their hard-earned money many years back and provide them a refund.

I contacted Launchgood support, along with the founders of Launchgood, Chris & Amany, (as she has run multiple campaigns to raise money for her own organization), detailing how she had cheated people from all around the world out of thousands of dollars. They closed the investigation shortly after and said they do not find the campaign to be fraudulent. It appears that Launchgood’s position is that they will continue to allow and support people to use their platform, even if someone has cheated people out of money in the past.

This is only a subset of sales. Many of the courses were sold in person using vouchers and not through the online Teachable platform.

This was one of many times I kept reminding Dunia on the heavy amanah/trust of fulfilling the commitment of delivering courses that people spent a lot of money on (many spending over $100).


For many years, Dunia has been using a fake persona by the name of Noor Shareef for much of her correspondences. She has always told people that Noor manages her speaking engagements, schedules, and requests. For many people and organizations that have reached out to her over the years, you will have seen emails from her so-called assistant, Noor Shareef. She has even faked communication with her and tried to make people believe she is real person, pretending to meet “Noor” in person to work on projects.


On November 18th of 2021, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Dunia was embarking on an Umrah trip, out of the DFW airport, organized by Qalam Institute and lead by AbdelRahman Murphy. She called me in a state of panic and crying, trying to figure out what to do because she did not have the required COVID test, and the airline would not let her fly. She ended up presenting/submitting a Photoshopped document in order to bypass the requirements and could have put thousands of people at risk (in the airport, flights, her umrah group, and in the Holy Cities) had she actually had Covid (for which many people can be asymptomatic – not showing any symptoms).

[Document] Photoshopped Document Used by Dunia to Bypass Airline Safety Restrictions:

I’d request Heal360 to check their records … they will NOT find that they administered a COVID RT-PCR test on Dunia.



There are many times that Dunia has threatened me … to expose me and to destroy me. This happened on many occasions as she would lose her mind. She once came to my apartment and demanded I open the door, to which I told her I did not want to see her, as I knew how she would become when she goes crazy and the damage she can do. She kept screaming in the hallway, yelling at me, pounding the door, threatening me, and making a scene at my apartment complex. This is in addition to multiple ways she has tried to intimidate me … calling my previous employer and even sending personal details about us to my 12-year-old niece on her iPad.


On April 10, 2022 I received multiple calls using spoofed numbers – at the exact time Dunia was going to be joining an online fundraiser on social media (in an effort to distract me, as they were afraid I may post something). This was after receiving five thousand spam emails and three thousand spam text messages over the course of the prior week (from various numbers and websites internationally).

The first was a man trying to ask me for money and said we met at a club in Austin. The second was a person using a voice changer … so I started making dhikr on the phone, to which they started ranting expletives (too graphic to share here, though I can share in person). The third was a call I received from my children’s SCHOOL! Upon picking up, it was the sound of children screaming at the top of their lungs, as if their school was being terrorized. Upon which I sent an urgent email (including the recording) appealing to many of the shuyūkh and leaders … with only one responding to me, yet saying there is nothing they can do.

[Audio] Call from “Rodney” Harassing Me for Money:

[Audio] Call Impersonating my Children’s School Number:


In addition the lies she spun about me being abusive, she also tried to portray me as being suicidal. The irony is that on multiple occasions she would threaten to kill herself as a manipulative tactic to get a sympathetic and apologetic response from me.



On two different occasions, Dunia lied to police (Irving & Richardson) in an effort to make me appear as a stalker and get a felony charge filed against me. In both cases, I was contacted by detectives who determined she did not disclose the full truth and neither case was pursued … Alḥamdulillāh. Isn’t it interesting that she had no problem falsifying and filing with the police, in an effort to obtain a restraining order / felony against me, but never cared to file a case about an attempted murder (on three different occasions apparently – VRIC, MAS, Roots)?!

[Audio] Me Speaking at the End of the NTIC Event:

[Audio] Dunia’s Call to 911 – Part I:

[Audio] Dunia’s Call to 911 – Part II:

[Document] Richardson Police Department – Response Report

[Document] Richardson Police Department – Final Report

There are lies upon lies Dunia stated to the police … many of which organizers and attendees of the event can testify to the contrary. It is very likely she never thought her 911 call would surface and be heard by anyone.

  1. She claims I started “yelling, screaming, and creating a storm” while she was speaking (as heard in the audio above). There were 4 different panels of speakers (I believe she was in the 3rd set of speakers). During her short speech, I simply sat in the audience and listened. At the very end of the event, when all of the speakers had been seated in the audience, I raised my hand, to which the organizer and Vice President of NTIC, Aisha U-Kiu, motioned for me. There is no yelling, no screaming, no creating a storm. And this was definitely NOT when she was speaking, nor did I stand up to speak, as she lied to the police about. The police report details: “He stood up during the Town Hall and began to interrupt the speech.”
  2. I was not escorted out of the building (as documented in the detailed police report). I left at the end of the event as all attendees were exiting. I remained in the hallway speaking for awhile with one of the activists/panelists, Br. Mohammed Ayachi. There were even many shuyūkh that passed by while I was having this conversation and, at one point, Shaykh Arsalan Haque stopped by to request my number so he could call me later that evening (of which I never received a call, nor did he respond to my text).
  3. In continuation of the report, it details: “While officers were enroute, Salman had been escorted out of the building and they no longer knew where he was at.” The event started at 2pm and ended shortly after 3pm. Upon which I left shortly after having a discussion with Br. Mohammed Ayachi. After which many of the panelists, organizers, and leaders had a separate and private session upstairs, following the public townhall. The 911 call was documented at 5:45pm, more than 2 hours after the event had ended and I had left.
  4. The reports continues to detail: “Dunia is concerned due to the fact Salman has been showing up at her venues and causing disturbances.” This is another egregious lie, as I never showed up to any of “her venues” or caused any “disturbances.” As with the growing list of lies, this is another claim rooted in lies, which she cannot provide any evidence for (or even details of when and where it happened).
  5. The report also mentions that she claimed to have “previously had an emergency protective order against Salman but has since expired.” This is another lie and is further detailed in the report: “Officer checked the CCH on the suspect, Salman, and observed there was no criminal history or expired protective order. Officer checked the victim, Donia, and did not locate an expired protective order.”
  6. The officer continues in the detailed report: “She has not contacted police in the past when incidents happen, she advised she would contact her brother as Salman is afraid of him. Salman would leave when he was called or arrived.” Another lie … I have never been afraid of her brother, Amir, or anyone for that matter. And I have certainly not left any venue/place because her brother showed up. I hope she can provide an explanation and details on this.
  7. The report continues: “Dunia insisted she had previously been given a protective order although she advised she did allow it to expire. She advised he did assault her in the past, but she did not make a police report.” Once again, a reiteration of her lies in an effort to make herself appear as a victim.
  8. The last item I’ll address from the report is her claim that “she advised her husband routinely contacts her against her wishes.” My response below!

Dunia: To construct this narrative that I have been contacting you against your wishes is absolutely ludicrous. Unfortunately this narrative, that you have shared with family, friends, community members, and now the police … is beyond comprehension and entirely delusional. Did you tell everyone (with whom you tried to demonize me) that after filing for your divorce, on the day your discovery (piles of evidences and documentation) was due, you called me, dropped your lawyer, and wanted to work with me quietly to get the divorce done? Did you tell them that for the next 6-7 months, while we were still Islamically married, you would secretly come over my place, have breakfast/lunch/dinner, play games, go for walks, reminisce on memories, and even spend multiple nights together? Did you tell them that after your ‘iddah period was over, you texted me on July 10th of 2021 wanting to check up on me and talk? Did you tell them that for the next few months, you would reminisce many times and share that with me? Did you share with them that we would end up meeting many times? No, you didn’t tell them! Because it would completely destroy the convenient narrative of being a victim and of suffering at the hands of an abusive husband and an abusive relationship. Allow me to refresh your memory and to enlighten all those to whom you had conveyed that I am stalking and harassing you.

July 10, 2021

Dunia reaching out and initiating conversation months after our divorce was finalized

July 19, 2021

Referring to “Mani” … a sentimental nickname she’d call me in our marriage

October 24, 2021

Dunia wanting to meet up and have lunch with me

October 31, 2021

Dunia wanting to meet up again and get my assistance on Guided Hearts (which I came up with and registered the domain back in 2016)

November 8, 2021

Dunia wanting to meet up right after Shaykh Mikaeel’s class at the Coppell masjid

November 3, 2021

Dunia wanting to know if my mom would “accept” if we were to reconcile

December 10, 2021

Dunia checking up on me

December 14, 2021

Dunia asking if she can use my Marriott points to book a hotel

December 19, 2021

Extending some final words before we would cut off communication (after I had confronted Dunia on her recent string of lies)

This is of the final emails I sent to Dunia, calling out her compulsive lying and essentially severing our communication (some personal parts redacted). I gave my sincere naseeha on that day. And to this day, I pray she is able to repent and seek forgiveness from those she has wronged, navigate a path of reformation, and emerge as a renewed servant of Allāh. I do not wish harm upon her, nor would I wish harm upon my worst enemy. I would rather that they are able to seek Allāh’s Forgiveness and Ultimate Guidance (reflecting on the story of our beloved Prophet ﷺ and what ensued with the angels after his journey to Ta’if).

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You cast lies about me to someone I know personally. The story you cast is that I used to work with Dunia’s brother, Amir, in his shop. And that I was caught on camera cheating and committing zina with another girl in that store, while I was married to Dunia. In addition you added that I was an emotional abuser. I hope you realize the gravity of the slander and lies you were an agent of spreading and how quickly it spread to other parts of the world. I hope you take the time to reflect that you engaged in the same actions of the people who slandered our beloved mother, Aisha (ra), when they spread similar lies about her. And I hope you will identify and confront the person who told you these lies. Unfortunately, you did not verify anything … you were duped and you assumed it to be true. I never worked with her brother. I never cheated or had a relationship with any other girl in our marriage. You can contact me directly if the above is not enough to shake your world and allow you to realize the truth, to question your friendship with Dunia, and the evil lurking behind the veil. I pray that you’re willing to unmask the one who spread these egregious lies (that has already been spreading in the community like wildfire).


In a conversation with a community leader/activist (with another community leader present on the call), there were many lies that were conveyed to me (regarding intentional and blatant lies that were relayed to them). These are the lies that were cast and the questions I sent via email … to which I did not receive a response with the information as to who relayed it to that individual. Unfortunately, this is a recurring issue I have faced, where no one is willing to reveal the identity of the source of such slander and lies.

  1. You questioned me about a protective order and, when I mentioned there has never been one, you asked me again to confirm this.
    Who mentioned this to you?
  2. You mentioned the event that Dunia had at the Frisco masjid (on September 17th) and that, being in line with this false stalking/harassment narrative, that I was turned away at the doors of the masjid.
    Who mentioned this to you?
  3. You mentioned that I was seen by multiple people at the UTD Dallas event (on September 24th).
    Who mentioned this to you?
  4. You mentioned rumors going around about me being in a relationship with Baha, Dunia’s ex-sister-in-law.
    Who mentioned this to you?

Rose, in your conversation with Baha, you specifically mentioned that the narrative the family mentioned to you is that the reason why both Dunia and Amir divorced at the same time was because they caught myself and Baha in a relationship. Unfortunately, you were also cast into these constantly evolving lies and I did not have any relationship with Baha. In fact, even though we would have dinner multiple times a week (over the course of years) at Dunia’s parent’s house, I never had even a single conversation with Baha … only conveying a “salaam” that is incumbent upon every Muslim. Unfortunately, this is a continuation of the of their family’s lies against me and even Baha.

This is the text you sent to Baha when you were still living in the same house as Dunia. When Baha sent this to me, I immediately called Dunia to ask about these lies they were spreading. She denied even knowing who you are and tried to deflect the conversation. How could you be married to Amir, live in the same house as Dunia and post pictures (on Facebook) from that house and yet she never met you? Once again, lies upon lies from Dunia and her brother.



With Dunia being a “student of knowledge” and attending Qalam Institute for years, I asked her multiple times in our marriage … to sincerely educate me on what the rights are for both a husband and wife in a marriage. She would repeat many times that there are no rights in a marriage … even going as far as to say that this is what her teacher, Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda, taught and that it’s not from the Qur’ān and Sunnah. And when questioned, she double-downed on it by asserting that her classmate, Sa’im, even wrote a whole paper on it as a class assignment.

[Audio] Conversation with Dunia in our Marriage – Part I:

[Audio] Conversation with Dunia in our Marriage – Part II:

[Audio] Conversation with Dunia in our Marriage – Part III: